WTS is an information technology firm

that delivers high-quality computing solutions to the federal government.

We are exclusively a government provider of integration, consulting and engineering.

WTS Quality Capabilities and Services

WTS is proud to offer clients exceptional quality and value in the following areas:

Smart Agile for Smart Development

Today’s federal software development initiatives are characterized by a unique set of goals and pressures. In particular, Agile development projects demand higher benchmarks for timely delivery, complex integration, and stakeholder collaboration. Such environments require an organization with the ability and experience to meet those benchmarks while remaining cost-effective and quality driven.

WTS is that company. We deliver working software. We successfully deploy large scale systems. By adhering to Agile philosophies—in particular iterative development, collaboration, and adaptability we are able to deliver systems under any circumstances. Our consultants are trained and certified in state-of-the-art Agile techniques and tools.

In addition, we have the experience to customize Agile principles so they comply with federal processes, policies and frameworks. WTS manages Agile projects according to the following principles:

Regular delivery of useful software
Accommodation of changing requirements
Measured progress through working software
Daily cooperation between clients and developers
Preference for face-to-face communications (co-location)
Attention to sound, practical design
Simplicity of architecture and code
Promotion of self-organizing teams

Accompanying our Agile-centric processes is unparalleled breadth and depth of technical capabilities to ensure on-time deployment of defect-free systems. We marry client-defined technologies, systems and interfaces with industry-defined standards, guidelines and best practices to ensure that we exceed client expectations for production software.

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Mobile Products: IDENTIFY

With Identify, law enforcement agents can retrieve results from any number of databases at the source of the apprehension. Whether it’s to validate the identity of a suspect or check mission-critical systems for criminal records, Identify provides results on the spot.

Identify captures biometric, image and text information through an advanced quick capture interface. This adaptable interface allows users to submit files and information in accordance with policies and technologies adopted by their agencies. In addition, the flexible Identify framework allows fast, secure access to databases including those used by FBI, DHS and selected State and Local governments. Identify supports federal security standards for secure communication including SSL, VPN and is compatible with secure containers like Good.

Utilizing existing federal databases, Identify taps into biometrics, photos, text and maps to help officers immediately determine the identity of a suspect.

Major Features:

True law enforcement workflow

Two and 10-Print capture (with compliant device)

High-quality mug shot capture with built-in photo cropping

Unlimited photo capture for scars, marks, other identifiers

Federally-compliant data submissions

Open architecture supports any iOS compatible device

Seamless exchange of biometrics and images to other applications

Capture latitude and longitude location data with images

Connect and search 2-print and 10-print biometric databases

Map view of location data

Meets federal security guidelines

Identify helps law enforcement agencies bridge the gap between their existing data systems and their iOS and Android mobile devices. The Identify platform provides a pluggable query system that can deliver data from a variety of data sources to a mobile format without creating “one-off” mobile solutions for each line of business.

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Data to Decisions

WTS provides groundbreaking services for building data and data analytics solutions to support the government-wide information initiatives.

We understand today's federal data needs with respect to Enterprise Information Management, document conversion, document management automation, business process management, web-enabled dissemination of information and analytics. Our data-centric designs integrate state-of-the art COTS and open-source products, customized for government-wide use enabling agencies to operate within the proper information governance controls. Our platform solutions also allow agencies to utilize analytics and reporting capabilities for both internal staging and external vetting services by accessing an enhanced set of analytic artifacts in a enterprise repositories.

WTS currently meets the needs of federal clients by providing contemporary data management solutions including:

Information-centric frameworks, framework-based and component-based application/system design and development

"As a service” and reusable/repurposable solution development and support

Personalizable, customizable and context-intuitive content delivery/presentation/data visualization tier solutions

Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) and Logical Data Warehousing (LDW)

Data Collection Services

Rapid development (proof of concept, prototyping, piloting)

Data Management and related services, including Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL), Analytics and Reporting support

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WTS promotes a DevOps culture by embracing a multi-disciplinary approach that unites developers and systems administrators. We understand that building quality software is not something that ends when a Sprint is completed. On the contrary, the approval of the build is often when the challenges begin—"dev complete" doesn't mean "live and stable".

To overcome these challenges and field useful software without incident requires a team effort. WTS constructs DevOps teams with engineers who are not only experts in infrastructure and configuration, but also participate in the design, development and testing of the application code.

Similarly, WTS developers understand production stacks and production-unique issues such as performace, shared environments and server-component compatibility. Our DevOps culture also ensure that devs and sysadmins alike are on the same team as facilitators, communicators and advocates for all stakeholders.

WTS fields almost all its systems based on a DevOps model of constructive collaboration and cross-domain expertise. We have some of the highest-reliability deployments in the federal space. This has a tremendous impact on our clients by providing them with the confidence to aggressively pursue government objectives....all the while realizing better quality, reliability and availability and faster time to market.

WTS has become a natural at shaping and participating in a functional DevOps culture. Our commitment to top talent and our embodiment of the DevOps movement is defined through a list of guiding principles some of which include:

  • Agile-based Development

  • Regular, high-frequency deployment of working features

  • Leverage of hybrid cloud-based infrastructure

  • Automation, Continuous Integration and Configuration Management

  • Dedication to the DevOps philosophy of uniting people from dev to prod

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Cloud-Based Services: Capacity, Flexibility and Economy

WTS is a leader in the selection, design and implementation of managed cloud ecosystems. We have experience creating robust service utilization strategies. We know how to design and implement sound cloud-based solutions for applications, services, and data centers.

WTS works with cloud providers to maximize client-ROI for all cloud characteristics including networks, servers, storage, tools and services and cost models. We also understand the security, governance and procurement challenges associated with federal cloud computing. We work exclusively with Agency FedRamp Authorized systems to ensure compliance and to minimize the risk to federal initiatives and assets.

Some of our core cloud best practices include:

  • Building a scalable architecture that leverages the benefits of the cloud
    Understanding the limits of the cloud computing value proposition
    Defining security requirements and resolve security concerns up-front
  • Developing a data recovery and backup plan
    Enhancing your cloud solution with DevOps and Agile practices
    Understanding the underlying SLAs of the cloud provider

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Sensible Innovation through Technical Architecture

In the world of technology, the most profound decisions are those that define IT architecture. For this reason, only a select few leaders can be entrusted to lead the way to IT safety. WTS is one of those leaders. Through the prism of fedearlly-experienced experts in computer science and engineering, WTS has forged one of the most competent architectural consulting capabilities available.

Our approach to architecture consulting is founded on the following principles:


The most fundamental attribute of a sound architectural solution is simplicity.
The merits are obvious: simple solutions are easier to maintain, to integrate and to enhance lowering costs in all cases. There is no place in IT for architectural complexity that impresses colleagues, promotes job security and increases consulting profits.


Selection of mature technology is the "no-brainer" defense against risk.
Choosing among mature technologies ensures that fielded solutions have been widely-tested and used in real-life circumstances. In addition, mature technologies benefit from market penetration, large professional bases and technical/economioc stability.

3Cost Effective

Once simplicity has been assured, architectural options must be the right size for the right job.
This means determining what products exist at what price and at what level of customization. Too often, consultants sell clients a bill of goods that are unnecessary expensive "best of breed" or "industry leading" solutions that are overkill.


Ultimately organizations must be accepting of the architecture that is being proposed.
No matter how carefully an architecture is defined, if the organization doesn’t want it, it will fail. For this reason, it is important to involve and gain approval from executives, managers and users alike to ensure that the architecture will "take" when deployed into the environment.

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Digital Government: Using Technology to Make a Difference

Whether it’s software development, cloud computing, mobile solutions, or technology integration, WTS helps government respond to an ever-changing landscape. We work along-side federal executives to deliver and receive digital information and services anytime, anywhere on any device.

WTS understands the Digital Government of the future.

WTS has the expertise and experience to successfully accomplish the goals of Digital Government. We consistently provide high-quality digital government information and services. We adjust to the new digital world by providing new devices, applications, and data in smart, secure and affordable ways. We unlock the power of government data to spur innovation and improve the quality of services for the American people.

Our understanding of all types of federal challenges helps us deliver the promise of Digital Government by adhering to the following federally-defined approaches:

  • “Information-Centric”

    Move from managing “documents” to managing discrete pieces of open data and content

  • “Shared Platform”

    Working within and across agencies, to reduce costs and streamline development

  • “Customer-Centric”

    Create, manage and present data through to allow customers to shape, share and consume information

  • “Security and Privacy”

    Ensures innovation happens in a way that protects information and privacy

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Mobile Biometrics Solutions for Federal Law Enforcement

What is Identify?

iPhone App that identifies aliens and criminal aliens

  • Captures fingerprints
  • Captures mugshot photos
  • Captures biographic text

Returns hits from DHS-IDENT and FBI-IAFIS

  • Returns mugshots
  • Returns biographic information
  • Returns arrest/encounter information

Allows LE officers to positively identify criminal aliens

  • In under 60 seconds
  • Through federally secure infrastructure
  • Anywhere there is cell phone coverage

How does Identify work?

Three high-level steps:

WTS Identify Screen Capture

  • Captures 2-print and/or 10-print formats
  • Connects wirelessly to 2-print and/or 10-print devices via Bluetooth
  • Packages scanned prints into federal LE formats for sending
  • Typical 2-print capture takes ~30 seconds
  • Typical 10-print capture takes ~90 seconds

WTS Identify Screen Capture

  • Select one or more LE database (IDENT and/or IAFIS)
  • Send data whenever connected to a wireless network
  • Automatically queues prints when no network is available
  • Typical IDENT response less than 60 seconds
  • Typical IAFIS response takes less than 90 seconds
  • Optional: Add other information to send (Mugshot, Location, etc.)

WTS Identify Screen Capture

  • View responses from LE database (IDENT and/or IAFIS)
  • Drill-down to view more information on any subject
  • View encounter/arrest information on any subject

    Biographic information

    Derogatory information


    Scars and Marks

  • Encounter narratives
  • Create/Modify case-based information for any subject

Identify is intuitive

All features are accessible through an easy-to-use interface

  • Mugshot Photo Capture

    Mugshot Photo Capture

  • Case Management

    Case Management

  • Automatic Mapping

    Automatic Mapping

  • Captures Biometrics

    Captures Biometrics

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Bluetooth Scanner Ready

    Bluetooth Scanner Ready

And secure

Federally-compliant and technically-secure data ecosystem

  • Support For Local Data Encryption

  • Good Container Capable

  • SSL Encrypted Transmission

Identify is a full-featured solution

Includes features too numerous to fully detail in a presentation

    • Selected Basic Product Capabilities

    • Access to the IDENT and IAFIS data store
    • IXM two-print search (IDENT)
    • IXM ten-print search (IAFIS)
    • Adhere to security and PII standards regarding connectivity, transmission and storage of information on mobile devices
    • Photo Image Capture capability (including centering and cropping)
    • Customizable for any two-print or ten-print biometric capture device
    • Drill-down capability for returned searches
    • Plug-in interface for custom queries
    • Support For Local Data Encryption
    • Server-side deployment onto existing agency-specific infrastructure
    • Good Container Capable
    • SSL Encrypted Transmission
    • Open architecture to allow customization
    • Selected Supplementary Capabilities

    • Offline Submission Queuing
    • Restful Service Interfaces
    • Server Side Image Cache and Image Exchange
    • Offline capture capability
    • Automated Location Tagging (Latitude and Longitude)
    • User-level and site-level display of searches
    • Unlimited levels of drill down for response data
    • Support for Image, Hyperlink and Textual Data
    • Orientation Aware data display and long narrative support
    • Easy configuration/integration of IDENT
    • Easy configuration/integration of existing OLTP data stores
    • Configurable for server endpoints

Compatible smart devices

The following Apple© products work with Identify out-of-the-box

Apple iPhones 4, 5, 6

Apple iPad 4, Pro and Air

  • Available in a variety of sizes and OS configurations
  • Identify is available for download and installation like any other iPhone app
  • Immediately configurable like any other iPhone app
  • Integrates with hardware/OS like any other iPhone app

Compatible scanners

The following Bluetooth-enabled scanners work with Identify out-of-the-box

WTS is an authorized reseller of NEC and 3M biometrics scanning products.

  • Forensic image quality for confident searches
  • Intuitive interface for rapid/accurate fingerprint capture
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled for Apple® iOS and Android
  • Supports Mobile ID and Field Booking Workflows
  • 6.9” x 3.3” x 0.7” (L x W x H)
  • 9 ounces
  • High-quality fingerprint capture
  • Bluetooth technology enables wireless communication
  • User-friendly interface minimizes the need for training
  • Flexibility to handle NIST standard requests/responses
  • 4.5” x 1.9” x 0.8” (L x W x H)
  • 4.59 ounces


Identify is available through our GSA Product Schedule

IT Schedule 70 Software and Applications

  • SIN 132-33: Perpetual Software License
  • SIN 132-34: Maintenance of Software as a Service

For more information about GS-35F-0120W purchasing please check this link or CALL US at 301 996 8383.

WTS technology Stack

Technical Proficiencies and Selected Product Stacks

WTS has experience and proficiency in a wide range of technologies. Such as:

All major server-side, client side and software application components

Data, data management and data manipulation components

Document management, BPM and workflow solutions

Mobile development platforms

Cloud environments and providers

3GL, Scripting and Embedded software languages

Web-based development languages and paradigms

Agile, CI, CM and DevOps tools

UI/UX design and implementation tools

Services and SOA frameworks and appliances

Open-source libraries and frameworks

COTS/GOTS customization and integration libraries

Windows, Linux and legacy mainframe platforms

Networking and production monitoring tools

WTS Case Studies

Technical Proficiencies and Selected Product Stacks

WTS has delivered on dozens of contracts, hundreds of systems and thousands of tasks. This is a small selection of the many high-profile, enterprise initiatives through which we have shown spectacular value and flawless delivery.

WTS Case Study

VSP: Modernization

DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Visa Security Officers (VSO) originally monitored and tracked visa applicants using a desktop application with local databases. The short-comings of the system prevented the VSP Office from the benefits of centralized data, common application features and regular system updates. These deficiencies led to inefficiency in preventing known and suspected terrorists, criminals, and other ineligible persons from obtaining U.S. visas.

WTS designed, developed, and now maintains the VSP application used today by ICE VSOs worldwide. The system assists ICE agents in resolving visa concerns through a centralized intranet-based system that manages workflow and improves agency efficiency. In addition, the modernized system is extensible—additional data sharing with external systems including other DHS components and the Department of State are currently being built. The success of VSP modernization is largely characterized by:

Preservation of all existing functionality

Introduction of new functionality

Constant communication with executives and users

Flawless selection of technology

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WTS Case Study

D2D: Cloud-Based Delivery

WTS provided the expertise and leadership necessary to realize a computing platform and a solution stack as service (Platform as a service – PAAS solution).

WTS designed, developed, and implemented an AWS cloud-based solution for GSA’s D2D platform utilizing tools and libraries and leveraging the complete spectrum of AWS offerings and controling deployments, managing configurations and allow regular deployments. WTS defined best-practices for PaaS Inter-agency Data Marts, Logical Data Warehousing, Analytics as a Service, process-driven Data Collection, customizable workflow, and Enterprise Content Management.

The solution uses many cloud and data technologies including:

AWS Oracle, Postgres and NoSQL data technologies

AWS Hadoop and Elastisearch analytics technologies

AWS Computing and Networking technologies

Alfresco, JasperSoft, Micro Strategy Analytics and Tableau

JBoss middle-tier servers

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WTS Case Study

Alien Criminal History Entry System: Emergency Delivery

Having been turned down by three large IT companies amidst risk concerns, DHS Immigrant and Customs Enforcement came to WTS for software delivery assistance. ICE had an immediate operational need to track the criminal behavior of undocumented immigrants. Driven by a highly-visible national debate on immigration, ICE made developing this tracking capability a high priority—and directed agents to begin tracking the data in three months.

Through immediate team assembly, quick requirements analysis and expert development, WTS delivered a feature rich, defect-free production system in less than 90 days. The commercial quality, 508 compliant user-interface features intuitive controls and is one of the first true single sign-on (SSO) implementations in a DHS mission critical application. The success of ACES hinged on:

Mitigating risks by creating cross-functional teams of stake holders to participate in working groups

Communicating and cooperating with stakeholders to identify the core requirements and begin development within weeks.

Simplifying design and revisiting quality through each iteration, refactoring when appropriate.

Managing continuous flux in requirements by prioritizing the least contentious features and building dummy interfaces until requirements were sufficiently defined.

These capabilities result in significant reductions in training, operational support, and agent time while simultaneously increasing data quality and user satisfaction.

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WTS Case Study

ERO DevOps: A Dozen Systems Wire-to-Wire

In support of congressional mandate, DHS-ICE needed to have an end-to-end capability that wielded Agile development, continuous integration, configuration management and production deployment of mission-critical applications. The applications had a large backlog of features for regular deployment in a heterogeneous prodution environment. WTS embraced the DevOps model by providing experts who culturally understood the need for development and engineering collaboration and met the challenge head on.

As a result, WTS set the bar for quality and frequency of software releases by seamlessly introducing a DevOps model that built and deployed stable, quality software with unparalleled success. Our processes and deployments are still the model of success within the organization.

AWTS provided the development, testing, automation, continuous integration, configuration management and production strength to ensure success for our federal clients. WTS support also included:

Design, configuration, and implementation of a DevOps model

Selection, installation and configuration of DevOps tools

Introduction of enterprise DevOps standards, guidelines, and best practices

Support for the operations and maintenance of the systems

Code reviews to ensure hosted applications comply with coding and performance standards

Support to external integrators to ensure stable integration of external dependencies

Download a complete, printable version of this case study!

WTS Case Study

EAGLE: Digital Government Making a Difference

When Homeland Security (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) needed a new booking and investigation system the single-most critical investigation system in the agency they came to WTS for the creation and delivery of EAGLE. The EAGLE system is now used nationwide by thousands of agents.

WTS worked closely with law enforcement officers to capture requirements, comply with agency architecture standards and develop a next-generation booking system—known as EAGLE.

The system was delivered on-time and on-budget and has been a major achievement for both WTS and DHS-ICE. The system is easy to use, allows for fast processing and integrates seamlessly with other applications across DHS. Some of the features of EAGLE include:

Automated searches and business calculations

Enhanced GUI, with streamlined workflows

Integrated biometrics capturing system

Biometric Identification against other national database systems

Aggregation of data from multiple sources

Abundance of forms and reports

Download a complete, printable version of this case study!

Selected News from WTS


WTS Clients

Some of Our Valuable Clients

WTS blends professional consulting with technical precision--the hallmark of any WTS consulting engagement--through a measured representation of experienced, visionary experts. All engagements at WTS are treated as the life-blood of it's mission: to promote client interests and exceed all expectations.

Department of Homeland Security

WTS works closely with DHS to deliver on a wide range of initiatives across multiple agencies and offices. In support of Homeland Security, WTS has defined and promoted Agile development, architectural standards, developed mission-critical software and supported 24/7 production environments. In addition, WTS has provided management, testing and analysis capabilities to numerous DHS efforts. Our work and influence can be seen in organizations below.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO)

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)

Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)

Office of International Affairs (OIA)

Federal Protective Service (FPS)

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA)

Citizenship and Immigration Services

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

Domestic Operations Directorate

Transformation Program Office

Department Of Health and Human Services

WTS works with HHS to deliver on a wide range of initiatives for improving IT-based access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated or medically vulnerable. WTS helps NIH, HRSA, NCBI and DECA provide support to patients and health care providers in every state and U.S. territory through the development of internet and intranet applications. Users of these systems provide health care to uninsured people, people living with Cancer, HIV/AIDS, and pregnant women, mothers and children.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Application (DECA)

General Services Administration

WTS provides a broad array of integrated specialized IT services and software to allow utilization of established and emerging best practices in the areas of Enterprise Data and Information Management to provide GSA with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment. This environment is capable of hosting multiple Agency-centric domains and Inter-agency Data Marts, allowing Logical Data Warehousing, Analytics as a Service, process-driven Data Collection, customizable workflow, Enterprise Information Management, Enterprise Content Management, as well as a broad array of integration services.

Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

Federal Service Desk (FSD)

WTS Partners

Teaming Partners and Support Organzations




Northrop Grumman






eMagine IT








Many more...

About WTS

WTS is progressive IT firm delivering high-quality technical solutions to the federal government. Our consulting professionals and technical visionaries work with federal experts to understand business problems, develop solutions and ensure successes.

As an emergent technology integration, consulting and engineering firm we work with corporate partners and government organizations producing results through the lens of today's software delivery practices. We bring practical experience and positive attitudes that enable us to partner for the common good and deliver on time and under-budget.

Our technology teams provide effective solutions through qualified and certified professionals. Our consultants exhibit the highest standard of collaborative engagement—a standard that demands broad and deep vision of the technological, political and economic factors that define federal IT.

We promote a personal and progressive corporate culture—constructed from the direction and feedback of our consultants. By fostering an evolving consultant-based creative process, we are able to bring a unique and valuable approach to problem solving.

WTS has quickly gained a foothold in the fast-paced world of federal IT by delivering results in this unique and complex environment. Working with federal clients, WTS has leveraged top-notch thinking and talent—the hallmark of WTS consulting engagements—to ensure that government interests are championed and expectations are exceeded.


People Make the Difference

Leading Experts

WTS is an ensemble of experienced professionals from the highest ranks of technology and business. Our consultants average more than 10 years of professional experience. Most have advanced degrees and all have been groomed from exceptionally competitive technical consulting firms. WTS consultants are professional and trustworthy and have excellent communication skills, and leadership abilities.

Progressive Culture

WTS appreciates that today’s professionals want working situations that allow them to define an environment in which they can flourish. In order to promote the effectiveness of all our consultants, WTS operates free of “company-first” policies and overbearing corporate culture.

Our consultants are able to regard their priorities and create a healthy work/life balance. By encouraging consultants to preserve their individualism, WTS has adopted an emerging industrial model that yields happier, more effective consultants and happier, more satisfied clients.

Collective Knowledge

By leveraging the strength and efficiency of internal networking, WTS consultants access the informational power of an entire consultancy. Our experts are encouraged to confer with colleagues to ensure that clients are given access to the experience and methodologies of the entire organization. At WTS, our experts understand the need to institutionalize technical and professional knowledge—a strategy that enriches client engagements.

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Contract Vehicles

Vehicles and Attributes

Service Arrangement Details

WTS provides flexible service arrangements as both a prime contractor and subcontractor.

  • Prime Contractor ICE-OCIO Operations and Maintenance (O& M) Support Services BPA (HSCETC-11-Q-00017)
  • Prime Contractor GSA Enterprise Data Information Management (EDIM) BPA (GS-09Q-15BH-A0001)
  • Prime Contractor U.S. General Services Administration (GSA Schedule IT 70: SIN 132-33) GS-35F-0120W
  • Prime Contractor U.S. General Services Administration (GSA Schedule IT 70: SIN 132-34) GS-35F-0120W
  • Prime Contractor U.S. General Services Administration (GSA Schedule IT 70: SIN 132-51) GS-35F-0120W
  • Subcontractor schedules under DHS EAGLE II (Unrestricted)
  • Subcontractor schedules under DHS EAGLE II (Small Business)

WTS is also compliant and registered under the following authorities:

  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) - Certified Small Business
  • NAICS Codes: 541511, 541512, 541513
  • U.S. Department of Defense Top Secret Facility Clearance
  • Registered E-Verify Consumer
  • Certified by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • CMMI Dev Level 2 Certified

Contact us

Immediate DHS Needs:

WTS has immediate openings for developers, architects, analysts and other IT experts. Developers needed with front-end and backend development experience in a wide range of languages including (but not limited to) Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Go, Ruby, C# (iOS and Android a plus). Data and database developers needed with experience in Oracle, Postgres, mySQL, noSQL, Mongo and legacy, proprietary data stores. Data-centric candidates should also be able to perform migrations, ETL and administrative activities. All candidates should have experience working with contemporary development processes including Agile, Kanban, Lean, Scrum, SAFe, XP and others. Experience working with contemporary paradigms defined through the lens of DevOps, CI/CD, UI/UX and Cloud. Candidates will need to submit to a comprehensive background investigation. DHS experience a plus. Should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Washington, D.C. Metro area.

Immediate GSA Needs:

WTS has immediate openings for developers and designers. Candidates needed with development experience in MicroStrategy, Al Fresco and Tableau. Candidates should be able to perform migrations, ETL and administrative activities. All candidates should have experience working with contemporary development processes including Agile, Scrum, SAFe, XP and others. Experience working with contemporary paradigms defined through the lens of DevOps, CI/CD, UI/UX and Cloud. Candidates will need to submit to a limited background investigation. GSA and 18F experience a plus. Should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Washington, D.C. Metro area.


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